Animation project


The goal of this project was to make several animations that work together to make a short story. This short story is part of a documentary made with two fellow students about how the younger generation feels during the pandemic.

I've animated four scenes about a boy that spends most of his time alone in his room due to the Covid-19 lockdowns happening in the Netherlands.

Finished product

Below is the full animation video with all four scenes and the finished documentary.


I started this project by creating concept art for the character and its environment. Our documentary had a set color scheme I worked off of.

After settling on a concept and artstyle I wrote a script and made a storyboard/animatic based off of it.

Once the script and storyboard were approved I started working on a 3d model of the main characters room. This way I could easily draw the room in any angle without having to worry about perspective.

After that, it was time to work on the backgrounds and start animating.

To Animate I decided to use DragonBones Pro. With DragonBones you can add bones to 2d characters as you would to 3d characters. This form of animation is often called "Tweening" which works faster than hand drawn frame-by-frame animation.