Minor Visual Interface Design

The minor Visual Interface Design is a minor that focuses on the design of visual interfaces for products and services. This minor consists of eight courses that each focus on a different aspect of visual interface design. Main goals of this minor were to develop your own autonomous personality as a designer, to look for creative solutions using your own knowledge, taste and insight.


Below are the several courses I followed during this minor. These also include links to their respective detail pages.

Grid & color (Grid & kleur)

Visual interface design for products with a renewed value for users.

Interface & Interaction (Interface & Interactie)

Designing and developing a digital timeline for classic characters.

Visual Language (Beeldtaal)

All about the semantics, rhetorics and Gestalt principles.

Interface & Motion (Interface & Beweging)

All about implementing animation and motion into a visual interface.

Master test (Meesterproef)

The final test which combines all things learned during the Visual Interface Design Minor.