Grid & Color (Grid & Kleur)


During the course Grid & Color I learned all about how to use design, especially grids and colors to create a visual user interface that's appealing to the user and triggers certain emotions/moods. It was important for me to develop my personal vision and style as a designer and to be able to substantiate my design choices.

The assignment of this course was to create a visual interactive prototype of a desktop-size website about 'products' with a renewed value for the user. The topic I chose was about the adoption of pets in which, at the same time you could also buy starter sets with toys and food. The goal of this website was to create a website that would make the user feel happy and excited about adopting a pet.

Finished product

Below is the embedded figma prototype of this project.


I started this project with a debriefing to make sure I understood the assignment correctly. Once that was finished I started my research. I made mindmaps, moodboards, did color research,made styleboards and so on.

Once I finished my research I created a sitemap and started making sketches.

Then, all that was left was to design the site in figma and create an interactive prototype.